Solid hard wood floor

The best thing about solid hard wood floor is that you can refinish it. Let s say that after twenty years the floor have some scratches and you want it to look like new again...After a sanding and painting process it s totally possible.

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Engineered wood floor

Engineered Wood is a material that consists on layers of wood compressed on different directions whit a beautiful finish cape on top. That means that you can have a very stable floor,  because the layers on the bottom can have the normal acclimatization movement, while you still have a beautiful finish on top.

Another quality of engineered wood floor is that can be installed on any surface, like concrete or wood, and it can be glue down or floating.

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Laminate wood floor

Laminate floor is a material that have to be considered if you want to have a beautiful wood floor look with a low budget.

Laminate comes out of different materials like MDF or PBC which can be water proof also. It can be installed on top of any surface because it s floating.

The costs of a laminated wood floor are considerably less than a solid or engineered wood floor.

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At MiamiWood Floors & carpentry we specialize in everything related to wood floors, such as installation, repair, maintenance and refinishing.
We have an experienced team, responsible and committed to the point that our work is not an obligation but a pleasure. The motto of the company is "the difference is in the details". Because we believe that there are many people who can install hardwood floors, but the vast majority is focused on finishing quickly and charging, leaving the most important factor, which is the quality of the product and the satisfaction of the client.
Our goal is that each client becomes a potential unconscious salesperson through their positive comments and recommendations.


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